Services Offered
At Safehaus

Please take a few moments to review the services offered at Safehaus. We have assembled an easy and extensive program to provide the best care for your child in this time of crisis. From On Site Nursing, Group Therapy and Transportation, we can provide the care your child requires.


In situations that your child will require extra special attention to work through a crisis Safehaus offers Clinical Programs supported by local hospitals and doctors with the experience needed to provide the best of care.


Safehaus has several locations for your convenience providing the service of a hospital with all the comforts of home. Please review our facilities and be assured that your child will be as comfortable as possible while they are taking steps to work through a crisis.

Contact Us With
Any Questions

Please feel free to contact Safehaus as soon as possible or at any time you may have questions. Let us help you through these difficult times. Relief and success will be achieved when you take the first step.