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Childs Pyschologist


Please take a few moments to review the services offered at Safehaus. We have assembled an easy and extensive program to provide the best care for your child during this crisis. From on-site nursing, group and individual therapy, family therapy, personalized case management, and one-on-one mentoring, we can provide the care your child requires.

Individual Therapy

Your child will develop a treatment plan to begin their therapeutic journey.  Our therapists use different therapeutic approaches that may vary, however often consist of a Cognitive Behavioral approach, art, relaxation techniques, and anger management skills depending on age, engagement, and cognitive abilities. Children may also choose to develop grief processing abilities, problem-solving skills, communication techniques, and work on personal boundary setting.

Psychiatric Initial and Follow-Up

The psychiatric practitioner will see the child within 24-36 hours after admission and contact parents or guardians with recommendations.

On-site Nursing

Complete nursing services are provided.

Full Pharmacy Services

It is required that children arrive for admission with all their prescribed medications in their original bottles/packages. If medication is added, changed, or low in quantity, our medical team is partnered with a local pharmacy to fulfill any medication needs.

Family Therapy

During the course of their stay at Safehaus, children have a minimum of one family session with additional sessions offered if needed to help resolve conflict. During these sessions, the therapist will discuss your child’s treatment plan, and mental health diagnosis, and work with the family to develop a Safety Crisis Prevention Plan for discharge. Other topics commonly discussed during family therapy are communication skills and conflict-resolution techniques.

3 to 1 Patient To Direct Staff Ratio

If acuity is high then we provide a 2 to 1 ratio.

Group Therapy

Each child participates in group therapy sessions on topics such as anger management, depression, bullying, and anxiety.

Full Time On-Site Therapists

Each child is seen according to their psychiatric needs by one of our clinical therapists, most commonly for 40-60 minute sessions Monday-Friday.

Didactic Small Group Sessions

Each morning children participate in didactic exercises to help start their day.

Academic Program

During the course of the day, the children are encouraged to do the schoolwork that parents bring from their teachers to Safehaus. School counselors can also contact your child’s case manager to send homework electronically to be printed. Although electronics are not allowed for resident use, our direct care staff can assist your child should any questions arise.

One-On-One Mentor Program

Each day children spend time alone with a staff member to give them additional time to express their feelings, wants, and or concerns.


For those family members, who require it, is provided by Safehaus at no additional cost to the consumer.


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21056 Dean St, Warren, MI 48091, USA


Safehaus is fully certified and enrolled by the State of Michigan in the Medicaid Program.
Safehaus currently provides services for Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, and 30 other CMH boards across Michigan. Single Case Agreement is also available, along with BCBS, BCN, Priority Health & Other Affiliated Third Party Insurers.
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