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Clinical Programs


Safehaus Children’s Intensive Crisis Residential facilities run two clinical programs. Emergency Placement and Hospital Step Down. Both programs run at the same time at our facilities, and only depend on where the child originally comes from to us. The following is a brief description of each program and its special features.

Emergency Placement:

Also Know As Hospital Diversion

• Child to emergency room due to a psychiatric episode.


• Child is determined to be a harm to self or others.


• Child is sent to Safehaus for crisis stabilization.


• Child is evaluated by psychiatric team.


• Child's put on medication or medication increased.


• Child is placed on S.H.O.* observation for 48 hours.


• Child receives individual therapy.


• Child has a family meeting to help resolve issues.


• Once stable child is discharged to outpatient care.

Hospital Step-Down

• Child is ending a hospital placement and it is

   determined that the child could benefit from

   additional treatment.


• Child is transferred to Safehaus for treatment.


• Main focus is usually on family.


• Child receives medication follow-up.


• Child receives individual therapy.


• Child receives multiple family sessions.


• Once family sessions are completed, child is

   discharged to outpatient care.

There are subtle differences between Emergency Placement and the Hospital Step-Down programs. One is primarily focused on stabilization and the other on transition back into the family. Both share the same space and the daily routine is the same for both, with slight differences in the therapeutic approach.


* An S.H.O. is short for Special Handling Order. This is a special order put in place by either the program director or the clinical director, at admission, alerting the staff, that they are to pay closer attention to a particular resident, and or be in closer proximity to them, due to the severe episode that the resident has gone through. An S.H.O. is usually in effect for 48 hours, after which it is lifted. An S.H.O. does not alter the daily routine.

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