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Job Description



LOCATION: Warren, Mi


DEPARTMENT: Residential Services/Child Care


PAYROLL STATUS: Hourly/ Non-Exempt for Overtime


EVALUATED BY: Supervisors


SUPERVISES: Non-Applicable







High School Diploma, College Degree Preferred


MINIMUM REQUIRED EXPERIENCE: Prefer experience working with emotionally impaired your or related work with children.


PERSONAL TRAITS:  Must possess the understanding and ability to cope with emotionally impaired children as well the empathy needed to effectively provide services to behaviorally/emotionally challenged children.  Must be self-directed, have legible penmanship, and have basic Math and English proficiency.  Must be natural and responsible, and of good moral character to serve as a role model for children.


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  Assume monitoring responsibilities of residents in the unit.  Participate in treatment team planning meetings for assigned residents.




  1. Successfully complete the orientation program upon being hired.

  2. Complete training courses in Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) and be physically able to assist residents that require physical intervention.

  3. Utilize the CPI method of crisis intervention to ensure the safety of residents when aggressive behaviors are present and physical intervention is required.

  4. Youth Specialist is expected to be on time for work as scheduled and at their assigned workstation at the start of their shift.

  5. The specific resident-to-staff ratio must be maintained in accordance with policy and established guidelines; therefore, Youth Specialist is required to comply with staffing coverage needs as directed by the supervisor in order to maintain the staff-child ratio.

  6. Interact with supervisor in an appropriate and timely manner in response to changing departmental needs.  Youth specialists must respond in a positive manner to training and the implementation of corrective action.

  7. Constructively use work time in the performance of daily routines and interactions with residents, I.E. > no loitering during work time and no unexcused absences from the assigned work area.

  8. Establish high visibility as a positive role model for all residents and for the other employees to ensure a positive outcome.

  9. Communicate directly with the supervisor by means of debriefing, individual supervision, attendance, and involvement in a team meetings and developing programs for residents.

  10. Listen to residents for behavioral cues.  Give positive reinforcement and feedback in an appropriate timely manner. Stay Neutral when resolving resident and team disputes.

  11. Assume an active role in the daily implementation and documentation of treatment interventions of residents’ behaviors in milieu progress log notes.

  12. Assist in maintaining a clean appearance of the residential team/unit.  Provide general upkeep of bedrooms, hygiene areas, day room, and ECT.

  13. Know and be in compliance with all Safehaus Policies and procedures; State or Michigan Licensing Regulations.

  14. Attend treatment team meetings, in-service training, and all annual training as required.

  15. Be aware of and follow residents’ Special Handling Orders and Medical Handling Orders as written.

  16. Remain at assigned workstation until the entire shift reports to duty; apprise supervisor of improper staffing levels.

  17. Comply when mandated to work the next shift to meet the staff; child ratio and program’s needs.

  18. Notify the supervisor and document adverse incidents, staff injuries, seclusions, restraints, escorts, and property damage as they occur.

  19. Take an active role in the employee evaluation process (at 6- months after hire and annually thereafter)

  20. Serve on committees as requested by the supervisor or the administrative staff.

  21. Adhere to the dress code and uniform attire policy

  22. Ensure Proper supervision of residents at all times.  Youth Specialists must never leave residents unsupervised.

  23. Contact SOD for support when needed with residents in crisis situations.

  24. Know and practice Safehaus's Mission Statement, Core Values and Vision, and code of Ethics.

  25. Assume additional resistibility as directed by supervisors and other Safehaus administrative staff.

  26. Direct resident’s medical complaints to SOD, and health Services using proper form.

  27. Must be able to lift, stand, stoop, and bend to meet various daily job tasks.

  28. Implement treatment plans and behavior modification interventions as written for each resident.

  29. Complete documentation of residents’ behaviors in their Milieu Progress Log before the end of the shift. Complete all other documentation and distribution of reports (e.g. AIR; Staff Injury Report; Property Damage Reports; Investigation Report; etc.)


21056 Dean St, Warren, MI 48091, USA


Safehaus is fully certified and enrolled by the State of Michigan in the Medicaid Program.
Safehaus currently provides services for Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, and 30 other CMH boards across Michigan. Single Case Agreement is also available, along with BCBS, BCN, Priority Health & Other Affiliated Third Party Insurers.
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