Department: Residential Services


Payroll: Salary Exempt


Supervised and Evaluated by: Program Director


Supervises: Direct Care Staff


Supervision Required: Direct and Specific


Security Confidentiality Level: High




High School Diploma, College Education preferred, BA, BS, Psychology, Social Work or Human Services or another related field.


Minimum Required Experience: 4 years of experience working in a residential treatment center, psychiatric setting or correctional facility for children.


Personal Traits:


Mature, strong leadership skills, effective verbal and written skills, flexible, organized, self-motivated, resourceful, good decision making skills, credible, personable and demonstrated good moral character with regard to children.


General Responsibilities:


Supervises direct care staff: attend to crisis and effectively intervenes with residents under our care. Share in development and implementation of administrative and treatment issues.  Develop and maintain a therapeutic team milieu.  Circulate on teams(s) and building to observe work performance of staff including daily routine, recreational activities, education and special events.  Positive role modeling for direct care staff and residents.


Specific Duties of this position: Under the direction of Director, Residential Services.


  1. Interview, hire, supervise and complete written evaluation of assigned direct care staff.

  2. Conduct individual and weekly staff meetings for the purpose of staff development communication, intervention planning       and team evaluation.

  3. Coordinate and supervise the implementation of Treatment Plan interventions with therapist and team.

  4. Attend and participate in staffing, Treatment Plan meetings conducted by therapist.

  5. Maintain employee work schedules and adhere to resident to staff ratio and employee attendance trackers.

  6. Implement adverse incident process when necessary and conduct investigation and write up finding with regard to staff performance.

  7. Attend weekly and special meetings and with team therapist and review staff performance in regard to treatment plans and interventions.

  8. Arrange emergency staffing to insure proper coverage per shift.

  9. Initiate and coordinate disciplinary actions as related to personnel practices, upon consultation and approval from      program director.

  10. Provide crisis intervention for residents.

  11. Carry out special assignment including participating in quality management as requested.  Serve on committees as requested.

  12. Conduct orientation and training for hired direct care staff.

  13. Conduct the written evaluation process with team staff.  Probation and annual evaluations.

  14. Develop and present in service training session to staff under the direction and coordination of Program Director.

  15. Conduct and document fire drills, and emergency evacuation drills.

  16. Verse the development of team activity schedules to ensure compliance and variety.

  17. Read, write and communicate pertinent information inn Supervisor Log at the beginning and the end of each shift using format inn computer.

  18. Prep, process respite admissions according to program procedures as directed.

  19. Receive training and privilege to place residents in seclusion and follow behavioral hierarchy of interventions when placing resident in or Seclusion.

  20. Upon phone consultation and in the absence of administrative staff assume responsibility for the program.

  21. As needed, dispense medication to residents in the absence of health service staff.

  22. Assume other responsibilities as directed by immediate supervisor and other Administrative staff.

  23. To know all Safehaus policies and procedures and be in compliance with the State of Michigan Licensing Regulations, State of Michigan department of Community Health, Community of Mental Health guideline, Mental Health Code, Recipient Rights Policies and the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountably Act.

  24. To know and practice Safehaus Mission statement, Core values and Vision.

  25. To Possess computer skills. Have knowledge and function of Word and Excel.

  26. To implement and adhere to dress code and uniform policy.

  27. Must successful complete training course Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and be physically able to assist with residents that required physical intervention.

  28. Must be able to lift, stand, stop and bend to meet various daily job task.