Position Title:  Group Facilitator


Location: Grand Rapids, MI


Department: Clinical


Payroll Status: Contractual




The Safehaus Youth Group Facilitator shall possess at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Social work, counseling, psychology or other behavioral science related field.  The Youth Group Facilitator shall possess the following qualifications/ skills/ requirements, though is not limited to them:


  1. Preferred experience working with youth and/or people with challenging behaviors

  2. Ability to adapt to a dynamic and changing environment

  3. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with diverse groups of children 9-17

  4. Knowledge of behavior management techniques

  5. Ability to work with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds

  6. Excellent organizational, verbal and written communication skills


Essential Duties and Responsibilities of Youth Group Facilitator


  1. Lead youth groups designed to enhance self-esteem and increase anger management, communication, problem solving, and peer pressure resistance skills.

  2. Plan the session according to curriculum before the workshop

  3. Help Children with setting daily goals and help them to monitor daily mood

  4. Assist the Program Coordinator/Clinical Director as needed.

  5. Prepare the meeting room for the group and restore the room at the conclusion of the group.

  6. Inform Program Director/Clinical Director of any unusual situations and complete incident reports as needed.

  7. Attend required meeting, groups & workshop planning’s, Safehaus Inc. and program training included but not limited to.

  8. Begin and end each workshop/group on time

  9. Participate in Children’s activity.

  10. Engage youth in positive interactions during activity.

  11. Obtain annual training as required by the program

  12. Perform other duties as assigned in keeping with the growth and general responsibilities of the position.

  13. Participates in and remains available to assist in crisis intervention and to provide support and assistance to staff in resolving problems.