Position: Food Services Manager


Job Qualifications:


Have a High School Diploma or Equivalent? Possess a basic knowledge or Food Services operations.


Job Requirements:


Applicant shall possess the knowledge and abilities to effectively oversee the operations of operating all aspects of a food service unit.  Applicant will review all needs and /or concerns related to the operation of the Food Service Department with the Executive Director and/or Program Manager as needed.


Applicant shall be able to fully execute the following quotes (but not limited to):


•  Plan Nutritional meals

•  Provide weekly menus

•  Special Diet

•  Shop weekly

•  Maintain a weekly budget

•  Rotate Stock (Weekly)

•  Conduct a cooking demonstrations with residents and staff

•  Following all Health and Safety Practices of Safehaus

•  Lift 50 pounds without difficulty

•  Review Temperature Log For:

     • Water

     • Refrigerator’s

     • Freezers

•  Review Dietary Needs for Residents