Services Offered at Safehaus

Children Embracing in Circle


Please feel free to contact Safehaus as soon as possible or at any time you may have questions. Let us help you through these difficult times. Relief and success will be achieved when you take the first step. Below is a list of questions and answers to help you understand more about Safehaus.

1.  What exactly is Safehaus? And why should I bring my child there?

Safehaus is a short term (5 to 14 days) Intensive Crisis Residential Center that provides all the care that a hospital provides in a home like setting. Our main goal is to keep your child safe, in a loving and therapeutic environment, while providing him or her with the therapy and services which will help them get over this crisis quickly and become a stronger, better and healthier individual. It is our belief, at Safehaus, that your child will have a better experience in a small home like setting, which is a better place to work on their current problems.


2.  What is the age range at Safehaus? And is it co-ed?

Safehaus accepts children from age 7 to 17. The program is co-ed but boys and girls sleep in separate bedrooms.


3.  How long will my child stay at Safehaus? And what are the visitation hours?

The average stay at Safehaus is six days, however, in special circumstances children can stay up to 14 days. Visitation hours are 10 AM to 7 PM daily, and you may visit as often as you like. We ask that you call us in advance of your visit so that we can schedule a time that your child is not in therapy or some other therapeutic activity. Visits are limited to 1 hour at a time and up to three people can visit at a time, unless special arrangements are made with the clinical director in advance. All visitors must be on the approved visitation list and must have photo identification. This is for the safety and privacy of the child, as well as the family.


4.  How is Safehaus different from a hospital, and what is the staff ratio per child?

Safehaus is a residential home specially modified for the safety and comfort of a child. We are different from a hospital because we are a very small program. A maximum of 6 children are allowed at one time, therefore we can give each child much more attention than they would receive at a hospital, along with many more services including; daily individual psychotherapy, group therapy, art therapy, anger management therapy, along with life skills, and attitude adjustment training. We staff according to the type of child we have at Safehaus. Usually there is one staff member for every three children. In more difficult cases there will be one staff member for every two children at Safehaus.


5.  What should I bring to Safehaus? Does my child have their own room?

Typically we ask that parents bring a weeks worth of clothing. Also any medications or inhalers that the child is using must be brought within 24 hours of admission. School work should also be brought in as soon as possible. All cell phones, MP3 players, and other personal and technical devices are forbidden, as well as personal pillows, bedding or stuffed animals, unless the program or clinical director approves the item in advance. Safehaus provides all hygiene supplies including; oral, hair, and body supplies. Bedrooms at Safehaus are shared by two or three residents at a time. Our beds are safe and made of sturdy materials insuring comfort and safety.


6.  Will my child see a psychiatrist, and will they be put on medication?

Your child will be seen by our staff psychiatric team for a complete evaluation. If there are medication recommendations then you will be contacted by the psychiatrist, and they will speak with you about your child, answering any questions you may have. You will also have to give permission for any medication orders or changes. Please remember that at Safehaus, you the parent or guardian, have full control over your child. You control who calls them, who they call, who visits them, and what medications they take.


7.  What does my child do all day? Is there a program?

Safehaus has a very structured program which occupies your child all day. All of our program activities are structured for therapeutic reasons and we provide daily individual therapy for the children as well as art, group, and didactic therapies. Children are allowed to use our computers for small periods of time daily, but are not allowed to go on Facebook or other social sites. Children also have some free and recreational time during the day to relax and prepare themselves for the next days activities. Safehaus is not a vacation. It's a place to work on "self".


8.  What if my child does not participate in the program? What then?

In case a child does not wish to participate in our program. We will continue to encourage the child to participate. However, if all efforts to do this fail, then we will have no choice but to send the child back to the emergency room for a re-evaluation of their case. This happens with less than 1% of all Safehaus cases.


9.  I'm scared to bring my child home. What do I do now?

In almost all cases, a short stay at Safehaus will resolve current tensions and anxiety that a family may have about their child. However, if there is still concern about the child coming home, then Safehaus has additional resources at its disposal. Such as, partial hospital wrap around services, in-home therapy, and others which may further ease any tensions that may exist in bringing the child home, and further enhance their chances for success.


10.  Once my child is discharged, what can I expect?

Upon discharge from Safehaus, your child will have an "Aftercare" appointment scheduled, either with their current therapist, or with an intake specialist, at a facility near your home. Safehaus staff will also assist in ordering any medication and/or services that may enhance the success of a child coming home. Also, once a child has stayed at Safehaus, either they, or the parents are welcome to call us anytime. We may be able to lend assistance by either giving some advice or speaking to the child if a crisis were to ever happen again.


11.  Can I speak to someone from Safehaus before I decide to send my child there?

ABSOLUTELY!.. We at Safehaus are very proud of our program, and we welcome you to give us a call to discuss your child's case. We are eager to answer all of your questions prior to making a decision about placing your child in our program. We want to make you as comfortable as possible in your decision. We at Safehaus know and understand that you love your child and only want the best for him or her. We welcome the opportunity to help you make that decision by making ourselves available to you anytime of the day or night and we will be happy to speak to you further to answer any questions you may have.


12.  What is a family meeting and how often will they be held?

During the course of your child's stay at Safehaus there will will be a mandatory family meeting. We ask that you and anyone else that is important to you and the child attend this meeting so that we can find resolutions to conflicts, and help the family, and the child through their crisis. Family meetings are scheduled to accommodate your schedule and are all held at Safehaus.