Position Title: Clinical Director


Location: Warren, Mi and Rose City, MI


Department: Clinical Services


Payroll Status: Contractual




The Clinical Director of Safehaus shall be Licensed Psychologist holding a current License in the State of Michigan.  In addition to be licensed, the Psychologist will have completed an internship in Psychology, and shall have at least (3) three years of experience in providing services to children and adolescents.  The Clinical Director shall have the following duties:


1. Oversee the Clinical Program at Safehaus

2. Provide direct patient care in conducting initial evaluations on follow-ups.

3. Provide general supervision to any additional medical psychiatric staff as necessary.

4. Provide discharge orders upon consultation with the medical team.

5. Do concurrent review as necessary with funding sources.

6. Make themselves available to families and State Investigators either in person or via telephone.

7. Attend team meeting or discuss patients weekly with the Medical Doctor.


These duties can be amended from time to time or as necessary.