Position Title:  Chief Administrator / Program Director


Department: Clinical Services


Payroll Status: Salaried




Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Psychology or in a related field of human services.  At least two years’ experience in child care worker and two years’ experience as a child care supervisor preferably in a residential child caring institution.   Demonstrated maturity, flexibility, and emotional stability essential to the treatment of emotionally impaired children.  Be in good health, free of communicable disease, and have demonstrated moral responsibility sufficient to be an accepted role model to children in residence.




Under the direction and supervision of the Chief Executive Office, assume responsibility for development and implementation of programs, policies, and procedures relating to child care, unit living, milieu development, and personnel matters affecting child care Supervisors and Youth Specialists.




1. Interview and hire new supervisors; and coordinate with supervisors the hiring of Youth Specialists.

2. Supervise the daily work, and evaluate the work performance of Supervisors (child care recreation)

3. Plan, supervise and document the orientation program for new supervisors.

4. Review with Chief Executive Officer, the potential, anticipated or actual disciplinary problems of supervisors prior to any action.  Carry our disciplinary action toward Supervisors after consulting with the Chief Executive Officer.

5. Make recommendations for termination and carry out termination procedures for supervisors after consultation with and approval from the Chief Executive Officer.

6. Conduct regularly scheduled individual and group supervisory sessions with all supervisors.

7. Monitor the work schedules of supervisors including the accumulation of ‘comp time’, schedule vacations, holidays and document all tardie’s and leave time.

8. Coordinate and document in-service training for Supervisors and Youth Specialists to assure their receipt of required number of training hours per years for licensing standards.

9. Coordinate communications between shifts.

10. Circulate and observe on the living unit each supervisor’s performance and unit living/milieu activities.

11. Supervise recreation supervisor’s work as it relates to developing unit living activity schedules; facilitate Recreation Supervisor’s work with Youth Specialist in developing and implementing activity programs.

12. Carry out specific quality assurance (QA) tasks, e.g. collect, report and oversee Q.A. functions delegated to Supervisors and Youth Specialists

13. Keep Chief Executive Officer of the impact of policies and procedures on the milieu, residents, and other personnel.

14. Inform Chief Executive Officer of the impact of policies and procedures on the milieu, residents, and other personnel.

15. Attend regularly scheduled supervisory meetings with the Chief Executive Officer.

16. Represent Safehaus by making presentations at of agencies to inform them of program and services provided.

17. Participate in regularly scheduled supervisory meetings with the Chief Executive Officer.

18. Complete on a timely basis all required reports and forms relative to the unit living and child care activities.

19. Carry out other duties as required and/or directed by the Chief Executive Officer.


Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer